try rowing in your neighborhood


Each of these community, non-profit rowing centers offers programs for both youth and adults.

Pocock Rowing Center

The largest community boathouse in Seattle offers youth rowing for kids as young as 6th grade and competitive rowing for adults up to 90 years old.

Mount Baker Crew

Mount Baker Rowing and Sailing Center, situated on the western shores of Lake Washington, offers programs for youth in 8th grade and older. They also have myriad adult rowing programs and offer sailing lessons.

Green Lake Crew

Operated by Seattle Parks and Recreation, the Green Lake Small Craft Center offers competitive rowing for youth in 8th grade through 12th grade. They also have adult learn to row and masters programming.

Renton Rowing Center

One of the newest boathouses in greater Seattle, the Renton Rowing Center is situated on the shores of south Lake Washington and has both middle school and high school programs.


Participation in Bainbridge Island Rowing is open to anyone interested in rowing or in supporting crew on Bainbridge and throughout the greater Kitsap area. The club is situated at Waterfront Park on Eagle Harbor of Bainbridge Island.

About Rowing

There are no cuts. All you have to do is try your hardest.
There aren't any benches either. Every student gets to row every day.
When each person contributes equally to the whole, every person walks away with friends for a lifetime.
Hard work and teamwork create good work.

To start rowing, all you need is a desire to learn. You don’t have to be born with great hand-eye coordination or effortless grace. The best rowers are simply people that work hard and thrive in a close-knit team. People of any age, athletic ability, and circumstance can participate in the sport because it is low impact and has little to no risk of concussion.

Unlike some other sports, rowing is a total body workout, involving all of the body’s major muscle groups: legs, arms and shoulders, as well as the abs and lower back.

Every student (ages 12-18) who wants to row in one of these four community boathouses can apply for a need-based youth rowing scholarship through the Pocock Foundation.

  • Find a local boathouse
  • Choose a rowing program
  • Apply for a Youth Scholarship
  • Get in the boat

Meet the Athletes

Hear from the athletes behind the Row Here campaign.
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Elie Jones-Toutant

Mount Baker Crew
“I love the peace that rowing brings me. I love being on the water and in that environment. It allows me to stop thinking about what is going on in my life, all of the worries I have on a particular day, and just give complete focus to the task at hand. “
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Zach Jaeger

Green Lake Crew
Zach grew up in Lake Forest Park and began rowing at the Green Lake Small Craft Center when he was 13 years old.
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Sophie Chase

Pocock Rowing Center
“Rowing is not like other sports where one person can stand out and shine above the rest. Everyone is on the same level, in the same boat, working with each other. The trust that rowing requires is unlike any I’ve experienced before. Everybody really would be nowhere without their teammates.”
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Vaughn Turner

Renton Rowing Center
“It’s fun to row and be out on the water, and I like the way that I feel after I work out. I surprised myself by how much I could accomplish when our team did well at our first regatta. Even though we didn’t win, we did well for our first race ever.”